ONE PIECE - Lamp - Strawhat

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This hat has a special value. Brandish at home, Luffy's greatest treasure, his Straw Hat, with this superb One Piece lamp by ABYstyle!

Discover our One Piece Lamp in video!

- Portable LED lamp
- Works with 3xAA batteries (not included)
- Dimensions: 20 x 6 x 21cm
- Packaging: closed box
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Caractéristiques Techniques
Brand ABYstyle
Arrival Date 10-07-2187
Product Length (cm) 23.0
Product Width (cm) 9.0
Product Height (cm) 23.0
PCB Outer 6
PCB Length (cm) 48.0
PCB Width (cm) 28.0
PCB Height (cm) 25.0
Package per layer 6
Layer per pallet 6
Quantity per pallet 216
Package per pallet 36
Licence One Piece

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Fiscal code 9405214000
Battery included NO