HARRY POTTER - Bottle and glasses Set - Potion

Next delivery: 17-06-2024
Polynectar, Potion N.07 or just a good lemonade? Prepare and enjoy your favorite drink with your friends thanks to this beautiful Harry Potter bottle and two glasses set by ABYstyle. But be careful, if you make a mistake in the preparation of your potion, it might play tricks on you... A lemonade would be safer after all...

- Bottle capacity: 750ml
- Glass capacity: 200ml
- Material: glass
- Packaging: closed cardboard box
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Caractéristiques Techniques
Brand ABYstyle
Arrival Date 17-06-2024
Product Length (cm) 22.0
Product Width (cm) 15.0
Product Height (cm) 27.0
PCB Outer 6
PCB Length (cm) 36.0
PCB Width (cm) 29.0
PCB Height (cm) 30.0
Package per layer 8
Layer per pallet 5
Quantity per pallet 480
Package per pallet 40
Licence Harry Potter
Licence Harry Potter

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Fiscal code 7013379100
Collection Exclure Red Collection