DRAGON BALL - Money Bank - DBZ/Shenron

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Put your money under the protection of the dragon Shenron with this wonderful Dragon Ball Z money bank by ABYstyle.
Insert a coin to see it disappear, without seeing it pass next to the dragon ball suspended inside the money bank.
Even though Dragon Ball fans are used to seeing incredible things like the fights or the appearance of the dragon in the series, no doubt that this money bank will still have an effect on them!

Discover the Dragon Ball Z money bank in video!

- Material: metal
- Dimensions: 10.8cm W x 10.8cm D x 16.6cm H
- Packaging: in cardboard with window. Protect the money bank while providing a good product visibility.
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Caractéristiques Techniques
Brand ABYstyle
Arrival Date SOON
Product Length (cm) 14.0
Product Width (cm) 14.0
Product Height (cm) 20.0
PCB Outer 6
PCB Length (cm) 44.0
PCB Width (cm) 30.0
PCB Height (cm) 24.0
PCB Weight (grams) 3.000000
Package per layer 6
Layer per pallet 7
Quantity per pallet 252
Package per pallet 42
Package per pallet 42
Licence Dragon Ball

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Fiscal code 8007008000
Collection Exclure Red Collection